cleaningupThe smell of lemon oil was pervasive and the dance tunes kept everyone smiling! Parents and staff were on hand over the three days prior to Tropical Storm Erika and after, to give a thorough dusting, cleaning and scrubbing to every nook and cranny of the classrooms. New incoming Elementary Guide Mary Olive had a lot of materials to assess and reorganize as well, but miraculously despite power outages from the storm, everything was ready for the start of the school year.

Thanks to the Evora, Gasperi, Jenkins-King, Piper, Schuster, Victor, Walker, Lawrence, Febus Matos, Hamann, Davis-McCarthy, Hackler, Leon-Soto, Gell, Sundaram-Walter, and Gard families for cleaning up and repairing campus, and prepping our classrooms on short notice!