Contractor and SCM parent Chris Hackler created custom pavers on site for some areas of the walkway. The old broken pavers are visible along the bottom of the retaining wall.

Our elementary students (and everyone else) love the much-improved pathway!

Our St. Croix Montessori Elementary students enter the school to the left of the office every morning and walk down a garden path to the classroom. Over the years, the pavers in this area had become broken and unsightly. Soil had eroded down the steep hillside and over the retaining wall, and weeds were growing.

IMG_0515This summer, volunteer SCM parents did an incredible and professional job putting their construction skills to work to improve this area. Chris and Diana Hackler and their family members and friends put in two days of hard work and cleaned up the site, removed the eroded soil, laid a weed barrier over the entire area, set new paving stones, poured concrete for additional pavers where needed, and poured and spread many wheelbarrows of gravel over the area.

It is now a clean, cheerful and safer entrance for the students. The difference is outstanding! We’re planning to relocate parts of the school garden to containers along the retaining wall in this area, repair the laundry lines (the uprights visible in the photos), and improve the plant mix on the hillside to slow further erosion.

WIMG_0518e are so grateful for the talents and hard work of our parents to make the school better for all our children! Huge thank you to the Hackler family for completing this major improvement!