Our new office trailer has arrived!

 While there is much work ahead in making the trailer fully operational, the arrival of the new office trailer is a significant milestone on our Three Year Capital Plan. It represents a $10,000-valued donation to St. Croix Montessori, the culmination of months of planning and gracious volunteering, and it prepares us for some necessary changes to our campus’ use of space.
Targeted for mid-2016, the new space will house:
  • St. Croix Montessori Administrative offices, providing much needed privacy for parent, staff, Board, and Head of School conversations as well as a designated area for school business and guests on campus (removing potential distractions to our learning environments).
  • A school library and reading area, an inviting space for our blossoming collection of books and young readers
  • A designated nurse’s area with cots, assisting in maintaining a healthy environment and in providing more comfort to a potentially ill child
  • A bathroom by the trees/play area for after school
I have been seeking sponsorships and private donations to address the costs of the new facility, and the trailer’s arrival has tripled my resolve to see this improvement completed timely and with minimal disruption to our students.
Like you, I’ll be getting used to the new addition on campus over the next few weeks.

Some asks:

  • Please remain flexible, positive, and aware of others’, especially at pick-up time!
  • You may need to park at the top of the hill or outside of the gate
  • Please keep your children by you when walking to your vehicle – visibility at the bottom of the hill has changed!
  • Please drive s-l-o-w-l-y – visibility really has changed!
  • Please don’t attempt to go into the trailer yet – it’s not ready.
  • Have a question, concern or idea? Let me know!
Anyone interested in assisting with space planning, the campus improvements or our capital plan is always welcome to reach out to me! No idea is unwelcome. No question unnecessary.

Some items I know we’ll need help with:

  • Building a row of hooks on the side of the trailer / down by the trailer for students to hang their bags at pick-up time
  • Building steps for the trailer
  • Assistance with donations of furniture

Finally, I want to share my gratitude for the following folks:

Huge thanks to Ian Bass (Mia’s dad) for coordinating the trailer logistics, helping me navigate the engineering details, getting the trailer on campus, and for overall assistance in helping us receive the trailer donation from J. Benton Construction!
Big Thanks also to Board Members Lisa Bass and Gigi Evora for recognizing the need for additional space on campus, starting the planning process way back in January, and for the encouragement. These things take time and your foresight helped St. CroixMontessori prepare for the next decade!
Special Thanks to Dan Sullivan (Ashton Maintenance) for your continuous support, providing guidance on the campus infrastructure, and for helping me understand the complete picture of our campus’ needs.
Kristina / Stina