Come celebrate the the diversity of the United States on Monday, October 31 during our St. Croix Montessori Multicultural Potluck Day

This annual celebration held on Oct 31 is dedicated to creating a more inclusive and harmonious society for future generations. This year, we are celebrating the diversity of North America – specifically, the United States!

We will taste different dishes. The students will have short presentations and wear cultural garments.  

How to get ready for the event:

  • Talk to your child about heritage and family history (authentic food, clothing, music, and more)
  • Prepare to bring a representative dish to share
  • Work together on a garment that can represent your culture (nothing scary)

The event will be held from 10:30am to 1pm

  • 10:30 – Parent Volunteers arrive and help children get dressed and take pictures
  •  11:00 – Students will do short presentations
  •  12:00 – Potluck Family Lunch (remember to bring a dish to share)

For more ideas on how to talk about diversity at home:


As fall Parent Teacher Conferences quickly approach (Tuesday, November 1st), we encourage you to observe your child in the classroom before or soon after attending your parent-teacher conference. We invite you to schedule an observation between 8:30 a.m. and 10:00 a.m. to see your child participating in the unique programs we have. Come see how your child interacts with other children and the classroom materials.  How is he/she learning?What are children working on in the different areas of the classroom?

Observations are scheduled in the office, and they typically occur Tuesday-Thursday morning for 15-20 minutes.


The fall conference sets the baseline of where your child is at. The fall conference helps you discuss the changes since the start of the school year, as well as what the next few months will look like for your child’s education.

The spring conference provides insight into the progress your child has made over the course of the year and what’s planned for your child next year.


Each conference is approximately 20 minutes in length. These discussions are an opportunity to insight into your child’s strengths and areas of growth. We often discuss how to extend learning at home as well!

Who Should Attend

We encourage you to have both parents, grandparents or anyone who is a participating member of your child’s upbringing to attend. If you need child care during this conference, please let us know so we can provide someone!

Tips for Your Parent-Teacher Conference


Families are a vital part of the Montessori education experience. Open communication between teachers and family goes a long way to helping our children’s growth and development. Since conferences are only 20 minutes long, it can feel like there’s a lot to cover! That’s why we recommend attending Parent Education nights, having multiple classroom observations, and scheduling meetings with your classroom teacher.

The purpose of the conference is to capture your child’s progress over the course of the year, raise awareness of growth and development, talk about areas of concern, and discuss ideas on how to improve.

Things to Keep In Mind

  1. Keep an open mind—knowing your goal is to have a thriving, healthy, happy child in the classroom.
  2. Be ready to listen. There will be good news, and there may be areas of concern. This is not because you are a bad parent!
  3. Take notes. Likely, the teacher will provide some sort of report. However, you might want to jot down notes, e.g. things you can do at home to enhance where your child is in the classroom.
  4. Allow the Montessori teacher to explain what she is seeing in your child (behavior, skills, challenges, etc.)
  5. Ask questions. Don’t be afraid to ask the teacher questions—e.g. describe a lesson you may not be familiar with, what interventions have been used for issues that may be going on, what strategies to use to work with your child, or how to incorporate where your child is with your home.
  6. Talk with your child about what they are doing in the classroom or school. Find out what lessons they are working on, and ask them about those lessons.

Most of all, we’ve learned that the communication between our children’s teachers, administrators, and parents/caregivers is key to success for our child.  Whether you have formal parent-teacher conferences or simply exchange emails or phone messages, it’s important to remember to be on the same page and work as a team!

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