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Multicultural Day Potluck

Come celebrate the the diversity of the United States on Monday, October 31 during our St. Croix Montessori Multicultural Potluck Day

This annual celebration held on Oct 31 is dedicated to creating a more inclusive and harmonious society for future generations. This year, we are celebrating the diversity of North America – specifically, the United States!

We will taste different dishes. The students will have short presentations and wear cultural garments.  

How to get ready for the event:

  • Talk to your child about heritage and family history (authentic food, clothing, music, and more)
  • Prepare to bring a representative dish to share
  • Work together on a garment that can represent your culture (nothing scary)

The event will be held from 10:30am to 1pm

  • 10:30 – Parent Volunteers arrive and help children get dressed and take pictures
  •  11:00 – Students will do short presentations
  •  12:00 – Potluck Family Lunch (remember to bring a dish to share)

For more ideas on how to talk about diversity at home:

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