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Hurricane Relief: Re-Opening a School

IMG_5080Hurricane Maria devastated the US Virgin Islands and the Caribbean Basin. On the island of St. Croix, the storm ravaged homes, schools, and communities. In the aftermath of the catastrophic hurricane, the people of St. Croix will rebuild, and re-opening schools is a priority. The St. Croix Montessori School serves students (2 1/2-12), and by being among the first to re-open, the Montessori School will serve as a beacon of light, pride, and hope for the island.

Our GlobalGiving page is up, making it easier than ever to contribute to helping our school reopen! Find out how your donation will directly support the school and students!

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  1. Wishing your school much success. I plan to spread the word about the amazing work happening at your school. I have the entire island of St. Croix in my thoughts during this difficult time


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