For Parents

MARIA: A Time to Resurge!

Rebuild, Reconstruct, Resume!

It has been a joy to see the children back in their classrooms!

Thank you to all the families that came out after Hurricane Maria to haul debris, cut trees, clean, rake, and more! We could not have opened without your support – the donations of gloves, water, saws, rakes, extension cords, gas, and your time – and the generosity of our community partners:

  • Cane Bay Partners
  • Crewtex
  • Lost Dog Pub
  • Mo Mulching
  • National Auto Parts
  • The St. Croix Foundation for Community Development
  • Top Quality Landscaping


It is critical that we keep clear paths for communications. We are using the message boards on the driveway and text alerts as our main forms of communication, as well as email and our Facebook page.

 What are the best forms of communication?

  • Email
  • Text
  • WhatsApp
  • Hard Copy

Don’t Forget to Sign Up for Text Alerts! Text STXM1 to 84483 to receive alerts from St. Croix Montessori

Community Support

We all share the work of rebuilding our beautiful community. In several cases, this includes our homes and places of employment. It’s my wish that St. Croix Montessori offers you the support you and your family may need over the coming months. This starts by taking care of our most essential needs – shelter, water, food, and sleep. Having a routine and outlets for stress are also important. As we receive resources, we’ll be sharing them with you. Let us know if your family is in need of assistance or if you just need a friendly space to sit!

Supporting Your Child

Here are some tips on how to keep your family healthy

  1. Establish routines – and try to keep them – for mealtime, bed time, and “activity” time.
  2. Be realistic about the time and energy it takes to do “regular” activities. Set small goals. Build in down time! Allow yourself – and others – to forget and make mistakes.
  3. Choose nutritious and balanced foods. Stress tempts us to go for sugary, salty, or caffeinated items – avoid these! Beans provide protein and vitamins. Include veggies or fruits – unsweetened applesauce is delicious!
  4. Turn Off Screens and Have Family Time – Read together or to one another, play a family game, take a walk, do a craft. All of these help us process emotions and create endorphins – good and healing for our bodies and minds!

SCM Priorities:

  1. Ensuring our students and faculty have the space and resources they need to learn and grow
  2. Restoring our school’s full capabilities and campus (e.g. Internet, administrative systems, fence-line gutters, etc.)
  3. Developing our relief fund and scholarship programs in order to support hurricane-impacted families and ensure St. Croix Montessori provides AMI-certified instruction for years to come.






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