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School News for October


School Hours   


Campus Cleanup

Come join us on Saturday, October 14th at 9:30AM to help us remove the remaining debris from campus. We need to move branches and debris to the street so it can be collected. In case of rain, we will meet on Sunday, October 15th.  Many hands make the work faster! We need help moving carpets damaged by the storm!

Academic Calendar

The new academic calendar is attached. Please monitor email and message boards for updates about parent-teacher and social events.

Truck Needed

Can you help us transport some larger pieces of mahogany? A truck (and strong arms) needed to transport wood to the McPherson-Sammuel home, where it will be shaped into playground features. This can occur during the week as well.

Tuition & Fee Payments

Late fees have been waived for August, September and October due to the hurricanes. We ask that families on the 10-month tuition plan please make their payments by October 20th


We are currently assessing the need for aftercare and when to begin this service. If you plan to need aftercare, please let us know:

  • How many days per week
  • Until which time?
  • When would you like aftercare to begin

Friday Lunch

Please be patient with us as we determine the new Friday lunch calendar. We hope to begin this again soon!

Service Areas

Volunteering builds community, helps you learn about your child’s education, and ensures our school has a bright future! Our nonprofit school relies primarily on fundraising and service exchanges to cover the costs of operations.

Generator Set ups

Generator startup/canopy set-up: Heavy lifting involved. We are trying to get a daily schedule of helpers so we can have assistance setting up the canopy and generator. Due to security, the generator is moved in/out each day. Generator is on wheels.

Generator shutdown/Close canopy: Heavy lifting involved. Looking for parents to donate a day or two per week to help us shut down the generator, secure it, and close the canopy.

Garden: Our garden and compost bins survived the storms! We want to get fresh vegetables and herbs growing. Not only is a school garden like a living lab – it provides healthy treats to our children! Looking for parents to help maintain, work with children, and keep it growing! The school already has garden tools, soil, seeds, and containers.

In the next few weeks, we’ll share info about our other committees (Fundraising & Development, Maintenance, Parent Advisory & Education, Wellness)

Halloween Reminders

 Sunday October 29, 2017

If your family would like to attend Judith’s Fancy Halloween trick or treat from 4:00pm – 6:00pm, please let us know by email or you can put your name on guest list with the guard. Let them know you are Paul & Gigi Evora’s guest, Plot #305.

 Tuesday October 31, 2017

  • St. Croix Montessori School: Dress your child in Halloween, fall colors. Please NO COSTUMES at school!
  • Lost Dog: Activities and Prizes from 4:00pm until dark
  • Good Hope Country Day School: Spooky Classrooms $5.00 entry fee


The Primary Program children were overjoyed to be back in the classroom. We welcomed a friend from Rattan Montessori and will miss him when he returns to Ms. Jane’s class next week. The class wishes to thank DeeAnne Davis for the new library rockers and table. Our young readers have been sharing stories in the updated library corner!

The Primary Program focuses on Practical Life, Grace & Courtesy, Sensorial Life, Language (Reading, Writing, and Grammar), as well as Geography, Geometry, Math, Zoology, Botany, History, and Art. Our students have group lessons, singing, rhymes, stories, movement, etc. as well as individual lessons. Each week builds upon the next, with the goal of developing a strong love of learning in the child.

Students have been practicing daily meditation and yoga to help them calm their minds and bodies. They learn how to express themselves and communicate their feelings to peers and teachers. They are also currently working on thank-you notes to the many individuals and businesses that have donated to our relief and scholarship funds!

Primary Snack Program

Begins on Monday, October 16th! Look out for the updated schedule. Please let us know if you have any questions or need assistance.


There was a ton of energy in the classroom as our Elementary students rejoined one another and shared their stories of the hurricane! We’ve also welcomed Ms. Ana’s grandson (and Rattan Montessori alumnus), Jordan, to visit with us as his school is repaired.

A key element of the Elementary program is group lessons and independent work. What we call Freedom and Responsibility. Students receive lessons and then in small groups or independently practice the concepts with the materials in the classroom (aka follow-up work). To help our Elementary students adjust, we’ve had yoga and meditation, circle time, and played team-building games. Our students have been enjoying their visits with Dar Shania, who has led meditation, yoga, and story-telling circles, and Claudia, who has led yoga.

The Elementary students began Spanish lessons – ask your child about the new Spanish shelf in the classroom. These twice-weekly lessons cover language (speaking and writing) and will include reading, listening, and conversing in Spanish. Thank you to Diana Saab for the materials from Columbia! Students are also eager to get their garden growing again!

In addition to their lessons, the Elementary students have adopted a new classroom “pet” – tadpoles! Thanks to Christina for these amphibious friends. As they care for the tadpoles, students learn about amphibians, frog development, and the responsibility of caring for a living creature.

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