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Board of Trustees Model Culture of Learning

The Board of Trustees at St. Croix Montessori have been supporting the growth of our nonprofit independent school and the development of a learning culture at all levels of our organization. Over the course of the fall semester, new members joined the Board of Trustees, including a Board Advisory role, and engaged in a series of development retreats focused on understanding nonprofit and Montessori Board best practices as well as an analysis of strengths, challenges, and opportunities. Over the coming year, our Board will be building on this analysis in order to support our growing school.

The Board of Trustees is responsible for the stewardship of the school, i.e. ensuring our school’s policies and practices align with our mission and with integrity, and for supporting the Head of School in promoting and developing the vision.

Six Stages of Growth Every Organization Goes Throughgreiner-model

Board Membership

Reflecting the diversity of our school community, St. Croix Montessori is pleased to welcome the following new members and recognize the continued contribution of returning members.

Nadia Owen-Gaumond, Board Chair & President

Nadia is a parent-alumnus of St. Croix Montessori and has a deep appreciation for (and experience with) how our school can transform a child’s life. With expertise in social work, counseling and mental health, real estate and business management, as well as a strong history of supporting the development of St. Croix Montessori, Nadia lead our Board through the transition to a new Board Chair and alignment with independent, nonprofit school Board best practices.

Dr. Camille McKayle, Vice Chair

In addition to her role as Provost at the University of the Virgin Islands, Dr. McKayle is an experienced Montessori parent and Board member. Serving on the Board of VI Montessori School & the Peter Gruber International Academy, Dr. McKayle supported their school in a multimillion dollar expansion and development of an International Baccalaureate degree program. She has deep expertise in growing a healthy school culture, policy, research, academic assessment, Board and faculty development, and parent engagement.

Mary Gale, Secretary

Mary Gale’s first experiences on St. Croix were as an early childhood educator. Her  journey has grown to include over 20 years of Montessori leadership and education experience, including: developing educational research programs; consulting with Montessori and nonMontessori schools on Board, school leadership, faculty, staff and school development; facilitating the growth of a statewide network of Montessori teachers, administrators, and Heads of School; and implementing programs to align schools with independent school, Montessori best practices and accreditation.

Shawn Samuel, Treasurer

Shawn Samuel is an entrepreneur and technology innovator, with a career in start-ups. In addition to being a parent of St. Croix Montessori, Shawn was instrumental in launching and seeing through the successful completion of our Building Healthy Play Spaces project. He also has experience as a parent in a co-op Montessori school.

Khnuma Simmonds, Member

Khuma Simmonds is the Executive Director of VI Domestic Violence & Sexual Assault Council, and founded My Girlfriend’s Closet. She has worked in the family violence prevention field for almost five years and has been active in addressing social justice issues in the Virgin Islands community from the age of 12. She holds a B.A. in Communications from Hofstra University, an M.A. in Education Guidance & Counseling from the University of the Virgin Islands, St. Croix. Khnuma is currently a doctoral student at Capella University, where she is pursuing Advanced Studies in Human Behavior.

Kristina (Stina) Torres, Head of School, ex oficio Board Member

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