Board of Trustees

The St. Croix Montessori Board of Trustees is composed of individuals representing the parents and community of St. Croix. The Board is deeply invested in the success of the school and has a commitment to see the Montessori philosophy flourish across the U.S. Virgin Islands.the Board ensures the integrity of Montessori philosophy within the school.

The Board

  • establishes the school’s institutional mission and core values, ensuring the integrity of the Montessori philosophy within the school
  • establishes policies under which the school will operate;
  • appoints educational leaders to run the school on a day-to-day basis;
  • provides fiscal oversight; and
  • plans for the school’s future.e actual process of exploring issues and reaching consensus takes place either at the committee level or at our Community Meetings.


Wayne Huddleston

Eric Sonnier

Scot McChain

Sylvia Sullivan




Montessori Pedagogical Consultant